PLANNING FOR RUSSIA (they let us in!)

I KNEW I had written about preparing for Russia before, but never thought to look in Drafts! so I am publishing this a little after the fact –

This summer, thanks to an invitation from my sister, Marian, I will be spending 3 days in Helsinki and then cruising down the Volga from St. Petersburg to Moscow! I have always wanted to visit L’Hermitage, and now I will see so much more.

Lucky me. We will be on a Royal Viking ship called the Akun (sounds a bit like a sneeze if you say it loud and fast), and I am pouring over all of RV’s website information, Wikipedia and anything else the internet can tell me about our trip, our ship and all the stops we will make along the way. Plan ahead, I say!

So here’s the Itinerary:

Start with 3 days in Helsinki. I have no idea what to see or do there, or even if there IS anything to see or do there, but I have time. I will find something.

Then on the train to St. Petersburg where we board the ship.

4 days in Petersburg

Then one day in each if the following:

Kizhi Island

And finally 3 days in Moscow

So, so exciting. I will be adding information as I gather it, so stay tuned.


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