Vegas, Baybee!!

Arrived in Las Vegas last Friday night after 24 hours travel time. Here to visit my dear,dear friend, JoAnn Leach, to shop (Yay Chicos!!!, Target, Nordie’s and SHOES Not exactly high end, but practical, hopefully attractive and, well, just me.), to eat (Mexican food, Barbecued Ribs, Burgers and a really good STEAK!!) and to relax (hot tub, hiking and catching up on 2 years of life events with J). Won’t be spending any time gambling, but I’m here for 5 more days, and have already had my first mountain top food experience – and I can’t wait for more.

IMG_2646 (2)So, my first MTE? In ‘n Out, of course. I couldn’t wait to wrap my mouth around a double-double with cheese, grilled onions and a vanilla shake. We went inside, JoAnn and I, found a table and then a lovely thing happened. One of the wait staff came over to wipe down our table, a darling teenaged girl who greeted us and started a conversation. I, of course, never being one to pass up the opportunity to chat (thanks to my grandmother, Kittie Guinn, whose genes I have inherited in that respect – Gram would talk to anyone, stranger or friend, and I admit, it used to drive us all crazy, and now I drive my kids over the edge when I do it) told her I had been living in France for three years and this was my first In ‘n Out in all that time. She got so excited for me and insisted on bring our order over to us. When it arrived, she asked, “Can I watch you take your first bite?” I rose to the occasion – read expression of ecstasy.

She could not have been cuter, and after experiencing the French version of customer service (read non-existent) for so long, it was refreshing to be the recipient of the attentions of someone who REALLY cared that I have a great experience.

Then it was on to the Holy Land, Chico’s. Not Dior or Prada or Armani, but comfortable, attractive clothes that work for me. People in the store were helpful, I got some things (more to come) and on we pushed to…

Target!!! My women’s club in France, The American Women’s Group in Paris, is having a Gala Auction and Dinner Dance at the end of March, and I am donating an American Basket, all the stuff we cannot find in France. Like? A Bag of Butterfingers, Junior Mints, Peeps, Onion Soup Mix, Ranch Dressing Mix, Crystal Light, Pam Spray, Lawry’s Garlic Salt, Hershey’s Kisses and more. Adding Girl Scout Cookies today which I will purchase at Grace in the Desert Episcopal Church this morning.

Still to come? Red Rocks, more shopping, movies, shows and talk, talk, talk.

Off to Portland on Thursday, but maybe more about LV before I go.

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