Revel on Wednesday

Picked up my rental car (cute little white Ford with alarming zing!) at the Toulouse Train station and off I went. Arrived at Sara and Jean Francois’ home in Revel around 5 – easy driving from Toulouse thanks to Freida, my GPS. Had a small snack in the garden of pickled garlic and olives – you cannot imagine how good this garlic is. It doesn’t taste much like garlic, isn’t strong or overwhelming, but is cold and crunchy and addictive.



Then we took a little drive up the hill to the lake at St. Ferreol, a place where JF spent summers as a child. Just beautiful.



Then back home to barbecue pork chops and have a lovely dinner. Sara and I pooped out at about 9! It was a long day for me.



Discovering the limitations of the iPad and WordPress. Not as much help available for placing photos. I think you need to know some HTML and then you can manipulate it better. Sadly, I know almost zero. So I will continue to post and then clean it all up when I get home.

One thought on “Revel on Wednesday

  1. Thanks for the pictures. Looks lovely. I have been to the southwest of France but not the southeast. Enjoy! love, MIMI

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