February 2013 – the latest from Paris

Dear All – was emailing this to groups of friends and suddenly thought, “Why, this is a post!” So here it is!!!
How is it going? VERY cold here – intermittently snowing and blowing at 1 and -1 Centigrade. Brrrr.
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Big news- I have a new apartment! Or at least I will soon.
My landlady dropped the bomb a few months ago that she wanted to move into my current apt, and that I had until August to find a new place. Long story short, Jaime and Steph have been looking, and they found one – right next door to them! 

If you had asked me 2 plus years ago if it was a good idea to live so close, I probably would have said no, but now it is going to be a huge blessing. For all of us! Anyway, I will be moving sometime in March. Very odd in the land of hurry up and wait for things to move this fast. Will send pics as soon as I see the place. Jaime saw it and says it is great. One way or another, it will be.

Carmen in Lion King!

Carmen in Lion King!


The other thing that is happening in March is that I am going to Florida for a week – March 9-16. Greg and Sofi sent me a ticket, which was very sweet, and the weather shouldn’t be too, too hot. But you know me, I will be sweating and dodging the sun. Greg Sofia and Carmen are in a new house which is close to the beach.Eat your hearts out all who live in clod climes! I am goin’ to the beach!! Really looking forward to spending time with he Florida Araujo’s and hanging out with my little lion.
My so, so wonderful life in Paris –
US Ambassador to France, Charles Rivkin and his wife, Honorary AWg President Susan Tolson.

US Ambassador to France, Charles Rivkin and his wife, Honorary AWg President Susan Tolson.

American Women’s Group (I am Madame La Presidente) just had our annual Gala and Wine auction – I have attached a couple of pics which will give you a little of the flavor of this wonderful event. Above is the Ambassador to France and his wife who is our honorary President – Charles Rivkin and Susan Tolson. Ooo-la-la – the circles I travel in these days! It was a Lovely evening and it looks like we raised about 13,500. So our doors will remain open another year and we will be able to donate some euros to our charities.

Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 12.11.33 AM

Me, Gala Chair Marjorie Renner and UNESCO Ambassador’s wife, Kristin Killion.

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Beth Wilcox, me and Chantal de Lescure – they keep me young-ish.

That’s what is fit to print at this moment. Sorry for the group email! but I am lazy.
Hope you are all well and happy – miss you.