Major Catch Up!! First, Dublin and Environs – Ireland


I knew better. I know better! I should have been adding to this every day of my 2 trips – Ireland and Toulouse. But I didn’t, so now I must pay the price. And if you choose to slog through these next few of updates, so will you!

Ireland was fantastic. I spent the first 5 days of the trip with my friend,Michelle Larkin, who graciously schlepped me all over the place, and showed me some wonderful sights. Highlights?

Michelle’s mum (a real firecracker!), her garden, Michelle’s kitchen window view, a beautiful bay I can’t remember the name of but lots of famous people live there, and Dunne’s Stores – think Target at its best.


Powerscourt – a fabulous stately home with unbelievably beautiful grounds. Here are some pics of Powerscourt.


Then my sister, Marian, arrived, we gave Michelle a break, rented a car and got down to some serious sight seeing in Dublin and environs.

But before the car, we took the Big Red Bus Tour of Dublin. the only way to get the “lay of the land” in a new city. We declined the Guinness and Jameson tours.But enjoyed the Book of Kells at Trinity college. And, yes, the sky was that dark!

Then we went to Glendalough – a very beautiful historic site and grounds boasting a very well preserved round tower.


After this we hit the road. Next posting – Killarney – The Ring of Kerry.