-Reprise: Postings from my previous (and apparently illegal) blog.


Spent Saturday on the Champs Elysees trying to find a raincoat or some kind of jacket since my stuff won’t be here until god only knows when and it is supposed to rain this week.

Holey Moley.

The French brag that there are no fat French people. Not true. I have seen them. However, they just don’t make clothes for them.

Seriously, I know I am no sylph, but I was totally bummed when the size I am in the states was too small to get my arms into. The only thing I can think of is that the natives are just built differently.

Dejected and despairing, I returned to Puteaux and tried the local Monoprix (think Target), and voila! Found a raincoat and several sweaters.

Guess that’s where all the non-thin people shop!

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-Cheeses I Have Met and Now Love

These are the cheese guys. They have a permanent stall in our bi-weekly Marché or market. The one on the left likes to practice his English with me. I speak French to him and he speaks Enlgish to me – nice arrangement. So far I have not purchased anything I didn’t actually want.

The one in the middle encourages me to try new things. He gives good and truthful advice. I warned him that I wasn’t fond of REALLY strong cheese, and so far he has not steered me in the wrong direction.

The one with his back to the camera is the dad, I think. He smiles benignly at the conversational goings on and stays out of the way.

So here goes – some of the cheeses I never knew existed – accompanied with a fresh baguette – heaven.

Reblochon –
From Wikipedia – Reblochon has a nutty taste that remains in mouth after its soft and uniform centre has been enjoyed. It is an essential ingredient of tartiflette, made from potatoes, cream, and onions. First tasted this when we were in the French Alps last winter. They skied. I ate cheese.

It reminds me of a soft Jack cheese in texture, but much more flavor. A fave.

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-January – a New Leaf

So much for my promise to blog weekly. Sigh.

Maybe I can manage a monthly update, and if I get the urge to add an additional entry, so much the better. Whew. Pressure is off.

Wait a minute. Now I have to make good on the monthly promise. Pressure back on.

In the interests of those folks who never saw my previous blog, I have decided to repost a few entries. I will not claim monthly post credit for these, but I hate to lose my pearls of wisdom because of a technicality.

I finally found out what happened to my old blog. Apparently, I was illegally using someone else’s domain! I have no idea how it happened, except that I think the person who owned the domain did not secure it properly, and when I chose my blog name (which was very similar to hers) the internet in its wisdom paired us together. Anyway, I guess she woke up one day and deleted me. Luckily, I had copied my entries and photos.

So, if you have read them, skip over them. Look for “Cheeses I Have Met and Love” coming soon!